Valves of Dubai Mobility

Collaboration between Mathrioshka and Habidatum

Mikhail Anisimov
Ivan Baranov
Eduard Haiman
Alexei Novikov
Katya Serova
Vadim Smakhtin
Julia Tuvaleva

Dubai, December 2015

Visualization of mobility patterns in Dubai influenced by its two major “valves”– Dubai International Airport and Dubai Mall.

The research is based on data provided by Etisalat, a multinational UAE based telecommunications services provider.

Three Visualisation Mechanics from Single Dataset

Time-Based Violin Plot

Concentrations by hours for easier peak detection.


Concentration Landscape

Absolute real time concentrations for better visual comparison.



Groups movements represented as moving dots for the impression of speed and direction patterns.

Separate touch interface provides real-time data filtering by multiple characteristics like movement duration or mobile device type. It's contains findings and filtering sections which can be accessed simultaneously.

This project was done using vvvv toolkit for interface and visualization programming. On the client side, all data filtering needed for visualization was performed on GPU. For CPU data processing (needed for descriptive statistics) we used Python based micro service with Pandas and Bottle inside.